Divas VKAT Black Label is our premium liqueur and our most refined and mellow product. It’s fabulous enjoyed on its own, chilled and on the rocks, or as a perfect base to elevate your cocktails to the extraordinary.
VKAT Raspberry looks as delicious as it tastes. The enticing deep red colour suggest a burst of zingy raspberry flavour and aroma, which is exactly what you get. Try it on ice with lemonade and a twist of lemon.
Divas VKAT is our original white spirit wine liqueur with a smooth, subtle, and distinctive character all its own. It’s the perfect base for your favourite cocktail, the inspiration for a new creation, or simply add your favourite mixer.
The striking electric blue of VKAT Blueberry sends a message. And that message is drink me. Perfect for cocktails as well as on its own, VKAT Blueberry really hits the spot.
Savour the smooth enchanting notes of VKAT Vanilla, expertly infused with the essence of vanilla bean. Add a touch of warmth and sweetness to your glass and elevate your favourite cocktails.