A Young Company
Built on a Fine Tradition

Long Industry Experience

DIVAS BEVERAGES is a young company built on a fine tradition. Having been established as a public entity only since 2013 it does however bring together a management team of long industry experience and a passion for creating enduring products and brands.

We believe that our management are the leaders in beverage alcohol industry with an outstanding collection of combined skills and experience propelling our company forward into ever changing and demanding complex new markets.

New World Winemaking

With such a pedigree, the founders of Divas Beverages have commissioned an innovative new Commercial Grape Ethanol Plant in Marlborough NZ. Designed to capitalise on what is arguably the finest white wine resource in New World winemaking, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, as the foundation of our new flagship brand MVODKA with the intention of advancing our young business into a premiere position in the world of spirit market.

The Future is Bright

We look always to the next step in the company future. We are grateful for the strength which the long and rich heritage of our management brings to our company. We are focused always on discovering innovative ways in which to serve our customers better.