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Breakthrough Innovations
Serving Customers and Consumers

Established in 2011

Divas Beverages is a leader in the wine based alcoholic beverage market in Australia having established the premier brand, Divas VKAT, in 2011. Our business is built on foundations laid by breakthrough innovations and new ideas to better serve our customers and consumers.

Humble Beginnings

Arising from humble beginnings, we bottled our first batch of Divas VKAT ™ from a tiny 220m2 warehouse in Melbourne, Victoria. It took years of research and taste-testing before the perfect recipe was achieved. Today we have production facilities spanning over 10,000 m2 spread between Australia and New Zealand with more than two million litres of grape juice being processed through our production facilities annually.

Future Growth

With constant innovation as the engine for the of growth our business our brand continues to evolve. We are relentless in our search for new products and markets. In addition to growing our established customer base we are at this time moving to inject new life into the Asian market with our new customer inspired wine and wine product production facility setting up in North Asia to service Japan, Korea and China.

With the same energy and enthusiasm that inspired the company in 2011, DIVAS BEVERAGES continues to grow in a global market. The management team continues to invest in building brands and routes to consumers taking great pride in what we do, and in how we do it.


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